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Orange Economy 


Art Basel|UBS Global Art Market Report(2022)

Mapping Jamaica's CCI (Nordicity 2021)

Reggae, Dancehall & Policy in Jamaica (2019)

Art Market 2018 (Art|Basel 2018)

Hiscox Online Art Trade Report (2018)

Art & Finance Report (Deloitte 2011-2017)

Australian Artists Economic Study (2017)

Caribbean Orange Economy (Nurse 2017)

Arts  & the Economy (NEA 2017)

Art Market Report  (Art Basel 2017)

Art Market Report (TEFAF 2017)

LatAm & Carib Rev Statistics (OECD 2017)

Study on CI as growth pillar, Jamaica (2017)

Art Market Report (artprice 2016)

Art & Finance Report (Deloitte 2016)

Creative Hubs Report (2016)

Creativity, Value & Money (CREATe 2016)

Ontario, CA Culture Strategy (2016)

CE Employment: US, UK, CAN, (Nesta 2016)

Invest in Art (SAATCHI 2016)

TEFAF Art Market Report (2016)

D'Art Report 48 (IFACCA 2016)

Prioritization Paper for Jamaica CI (2016)

American Attitudes towards Art (2016)

Value Chain Analysis: Film  (KEA 2015)

Value Chain Analysis: Music (KEA 2015)

CCI Export Strategy (KEA VPAJ 2015)

CCI Development in CARICOM (2015)

The Global Creativity Index (MPI, 2015)

Cultural Times Global CI Map (EY 2015)

Art Market Report (TEFAF 2015)

CI in the Caribbean (GEM 2014)

Carib Knowledge Economy (GEM 2014)

Competitiveness in the Caribbean (Nurse 2014)

Economic Impact of CI in the Americas (2014)

Art Market Report (TEFAF 2014)

UNESCO Cultural Goods Flow (2003-2014)

Appropriating Economic Value Morgan 2013)

Creative Economy Report (UN 2013)


Caribbean Creatives: Innovation 1:5(2013)

Creative Economy Manifesto, (NESTA 2013)

Entertainment Sector in CARICOM (2013)

Sectoral Presentation: Entertainment (2013)

Caribbean Creatives: Mapping 1:4 (2012)

K* Initiative for Research Brokers,  (2012)

CI in the Caribbean, (ECLAC 2012)

Caribbean Creatives: Promotion 1:3 (2011)

Caribbean Creatives: Barbados 1:2 (2011)

CI data collection in CARIFORUM (2011)

Leveraging the Film Industry (IDEAZ 2011)

Strategies for JA Knowledge Economy (2011)

Caribbean Creatives: Audio-Visual 1:1 (2010)

CCI in Germany (2009)

Export Strategy: Fashion (NES c2009)

Export Strategy: Entertainment (NES 2009)

Canada's Creative Economy (2008)

CE as a development strategy (2008)

Trade dimension of CI (2007)

CI in CARICOM (Nurse 2007)

Economic/Copyright in JA (James, 2007)

Copyright Contribution to GDP  (JIPO 2005)

Promoting & Protecting Canadian CI (2004)

National Cultural Policy of Jamaica (2003)

CI in Hong Kong (2002)

CARICOM Cultural Policy(1997)

Cultural Policy in Jamaica (1977)

Literature Review: CCI in Jamaica

TEFAF Art Market Reports


Academic Databases & Search Engines

ACP CI Library

ACRL: Jamaican Arts, Culture, Heritage 

African Arts Journal

Art in Africa


Anthurium: Caribbean Studies Repository

Art Forum Archive (2010-2020) by subscription

Art Resource

Artisan Connect - Craft

Barnebys® - Art objet aggregator

Bank of Jamaica - Statistics

BASE - Bielfeld Academic Search Engine

Black Artist News (Blogger)

Caribbean Memory Register

CI Impact  in the Americas OAS, IDB, BC

CORE - Open access research papers

Creative Vitality SUITE

Cultural Entrepreneurship Reading List

Directory of Open Access Journals

DLOC - Jamaica Journal Archives

DLOC - Arts Jamaica Archives

DOWNLOAD MetPublications

DOWNLOAD Getty Museum Art Books

Duchamp Research Portal

Economic Papers Archive

EMCVPA - Edna Manley College f/t VPA

EUROPEANA - Art, Video, Sound

Gates Open Research


GEM Entrepreneurship

Getty Open Content

Getty Provenance Index

Good Practices for Culture 

Google Scholar

Google Arts & Culture

IDB Numbers for Development

IDB Research Projects

Images of Slavery in Jamaica

INFRALATAM - Economic Investment Data

Internet Archive

Jamaica Art Research

KEA - European Affairs

Local Ideas - Canada's Knowledge Economy

Louise Bennet Coverley - Digital Archive

National Gallery of Jamaica

National Library of Jamaica

NASAA - US Creative Economy

Open Access for Scholarly Research

Open Data Portal AFRICA

Open Data Portal HARVARD

Open Data Portal JAMAICA

Open Data Portal UK

Open Data Portal UNAM

Open Textbook Library

Pertrine Archer

Project Syndicate


Prozhito - 18th - 20thC Personal Journals

PubSpace - NASA

SALISES - University of the West Indies

Slave Voyages

Sotheby's Sold Lot Archive

STATIN - Statistical Institute of Jamaica



Think Tank Policy Search

UNCTAD - Creative Economy Statistics

UNESCO Institute for Statistics

VESTOJ - Critical Thinking on Fashion

World Bank  - Open Knowledge Repository

WIPO Jamaica

WolframAlpha - Q&As

Writer's Resources

Yale Centre for British Art

ZETOC - The British Library

ZSR Library




Cultural Industries      CI

Cultural & Creative Industries   CCI

Creative Economy    CE

Knowledge      K

Knowledge Economy    KE

Underlined links indicate newest additions


SUBMISSIONS provides "as-is" links to third party information

on the economic & social contributions of the Cultural & Creative Industries

which affirm the vital role of the Caribbean Creative Economy

Caribbean articles, images, videos, events & opportunities welcome.

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